If psychological nicely-being is to flourish healthily, maximally and spiritually, specifically despair all by means of COVID, then our psychological paradigms must have adapting to include deeper ranges of pure psychological silence: consciousness which facilitates illness-totally free consciousness and purifying transcendence.

Humanity has developed additional than ‘copy n paste’ non secular notion techniques, modified now with skilled impartial questioning — built-in souls performing by way of spiritually superior intellects — a stage of cosmic consciousness by way of which the coronary coronary heart ‘sees’, intuits [Reality] previous falsity.

However, right here we ought to be thorough, for, whereas it is potential abandoning official faith — for no matter function — is a personal choice, abandoning God isn’t a call even when we consider we have jumped ship abandoning God isn’t attainable for the reason for evolution and the numerous legal guidelines of nature.

Evolution is a God-appointed method — the Transcendent which created the rules of character. This Transcendent Electrical energy, via the company of evolution, carries on functioning in simply each of us, guiding unto further skilled perceptions of inside Actuality as completely different from outer programming. In different phrases, however ‘determination’ of perhaps to go away official religion, God-Energy, via evolution, unceasingly will work Inside completely everybody for the reunification of the human soul once more to God — once more to Useful resource AS Spirit Soul. Much more on evolution even additional on.

Self-Transcendence – Intuiting The Sacred

Coronavirus has nonetheless left many intuiting for Sacred Immanence within: self-transcendence in defeating COVID by pure or spiritual suggests. Intuiting represents divine response to motion, to what we are able to do nearly regards COVID and psychological well being.

Additional than ever, emergence of non secular leadership-knowing is called for globally. On this context, at private quantity, the Sacred inside simply you needs YOU to supply Pure Believed room in our particular person psychological environment due to this fact develop self-immune consciousness: develop wellness-emanating stillness whereby antibodies are promptly forthcoming in creating, not solely a virus-free of cost consciousness going forward, however full beneficial psychological well being by pure signifies. To this consequence, self-transcendence solely signifies rising above our worldly affairs – and linked consciousness — in meditation.

At lifelike stage, the shift from human recognition unto Sacred consciousness — unto self-transcendence — consists of solely attuning our psychological compass inward in the direction of the realm of transcendental consciousness in meditation.

Creating transcendental consciousness in the end will come up victorious in defeating COVID, heralding the religious-routine upkeep answer to complete psychological / precise bodily well being and health in our private existence, and globally doubtless forward.

In organising transcendental consciousness, esoteric scriptures doubtless are the dependable means on establishing transcendental consciousness, whereby the born-into animalistic thoughts standard can undertake modify — alchemy from base quantity ‘DE-pressed’ consciousness to carry out blissfully or, transcendentally in ‘EX-pressed’ consciousness. Subsequently, in relieving indicators of psychological very low electrical energy or temper fluctuation, the important thing lies within the expression of bliss consciousness.

In increasing this psychological general well being theme enable us decode a couple of pivotal scriptures which have rapid bearing on this form of points in addition to decision of this pandemic by purely pure self-immune means.

Luke 9-58 states:

‘Birds have nests, foxes have holes, however the Son of Particular person has nowhere to lie down and relaxation’.

This intensely coded sentence is of course not meant for literal floor space interpretation. Except these historic phrases and phrases are comprehended esoterically then their hid revenue — of constructing psychological general well being and COVID resilience naturally – is misplaced at lifelike quantity.

‘Birds’ beneath symbolize Genesis ‘fowl of the air’, they signify decrease nature thought patterns: non-soul serving brain-sets which have ‘nested’ within the additional head, within the unconscious.

‘Foxes’ symbolize cunningness, divisiveness, selfishness, in consequence, not looking for to be uncovered, they cover in safe spots – in fox holes — to deflect detection.

Subsequently the ‘birds’ — lowered believed nature — have designed ‘foxholes’ within the deeper ideas from the place to propagate negativity and really low psychological vitality.

What’s ‘son of man’ in relation to ‘birds’ and ‘foxes’?

Luke 9-57 places it:

“As they went on their manner, a person mentioned to Jesus, I’ll keep on with you wherever you go”.

‘Following’ biblical Jesus implies replicating the symbolism for which the title ‘Jesus’ stands, which is, Nice or Excellent Soul. In different phrases and phrases, Jesus signifies Excellent Ideas, the spiritually Enlightened consciousness – the God-provided Possible in every particular person of us.

The male on this scripture is symbolism for ‘son of man’, ‘son’ indicating offspring of the thoughts’s scale back character – ‘man’ symbolizing mind.

So, as divine standing can solely know Alone by By itself, biblical Jesus is revealing that the individual (carnal mind) are unable to ‘comply with’ Jesus, [Enlightened mind] AS ‘son of man’ into the dominion of effectively being, pleasure and bliss consciousness, that such lowered level out of ideas isn’t suitable with divine consciousness.

‘Son of man’ signifies a unconscious regulation of lowered head and its non-non secular dynamic, together with ignorance of the supply of psychological / bodily effectively being and COVID Immunity.

‘Son of man’ is symbolism for carry-around programming from prior lives which conditioning is rooted in duality consciousness, in opposites these as very good-poor, like-dislike, like-dislike, achievable-difficult, resembling detrimental or depressive attitudes regards therapeutic, well being and pleasure.

With no capability for relating spiritually or lovingly, scale back character in primary precept recognises solely ill-wellness and negativity versus Immutable Actuality — inside therapeutic, compassionate, transformative very well-currently being and like-consciousness expression.

So the aim ‘son of man’ has nowhere to relaxation or lie down is since it’s not potential to take action: not potential for lowered character to leisure on the identical time in pure consciousness.

Involution — Evolution in Relation to ‘Son of Man’

Humanity exists in cycles of involution / evolution eternally: Spirit descends – involution –into make a distinction, varieties the bodily human physique marking the beginning of ‘evolution’ the method again once more unto Wholeness. On this context, the human soul at supply arrives with a non-spiritually produced mind, furthermore 5 senses of notion set at animalistic regular. We seem proper right here with the preliminary talent of affected by in carnal sense consciousness solely, the involution quantity By which we evolve and ascend AS larger consciousness.

Outfitted at first in enduring by means of animalistic standard of notion, we’re born with a non-discerning mind which interprets ‘actuality’ by way of conditioned consciousness. In consequence, like caterpillar-butterfly metamorphosis, evolving out of this son of mortal man cocoon unto eternal Son of God consciousness and previous, is the explanation of our each day life on earth. By way of this seemingly not potential carnal/cocoon involution, human beings change into remodeled from ‘son of man’ unto Angelic Son of God, thus even additional soul evolution unto better states of Spirit consciousness.

From the involution / evolution perspective we are able to see that people must additionally seem to earth with a non-totally developed immune system.

Within the context of building self-immunity – of defeating COVID naturally — meditation doubtless is important and essential.

Ignoring the soul’s craving for spiritual evolution and optimum psychological wellbeing is causal of just about all human psychological struggling, struggling which has its genesis in residual severe pressure and lack of bigger-self-expression.

Proper up till we awaken consciously from this involution slumber, the human soul stays beneath unconscious regulation, therefore retaining ‘son of man’ regular in perpetuity: conditioned mind with out the necessity of functionality of non secular discernment, with out Resolute psychological consciousness. Thus, no spot which can give the thoughts that which intuitively it’s looking for, that of eternal bliss-overall well being consciousness now.

Meditation and the Immune Technique

Pressure compromises the immune method, while, meditation — by making bigger levels of antibodies to reply to and stop potential viral assault — produces immunity. Consequently, by creating transcendental consciousness and a worry-free physiology, normal daily meditation releases mature T-cells, lymphocytes or antibodies from the thymus gland to guard from abroad antigen invasion.

Meditation interrupts the induce cycle of psychological dis-simplicity and mood fluctuation. On this context, bypassing ‘the transcendent current second’ in meditation is an expensive psychological wellness oversight.

The actual fact is, psychological perfectly-currently being exists now inside simply as possible bliss-consciousness — solely needing infusion into the ideas. By dissolving residual unconscious pressure, meditation expands the thoughts’s acutely aware potential of withstanding ever-deepening bliss-natured silence.

Ideas-centring disciplines resembling yoga and mantra meditation are priceless in creating psychological stability, mind coherence and technique of full focus. In consequence, focus is an Consequence of meditation and never a necessity for its observe.

Meditation is seated yoga acknowledged as raja (royal) yoga (unity). On this context, silently internal listening to the sacred sound AUM could be an nice audio vibration for mantra meditation and psychological stimulation.

Jesus defined: Simply after Judas (son of man / lower-ego) skilled remaining (when the fox grew to change into uncovered):

“Now God’s glory is uncovered by means of him” Luke 13-31

Biblical translation: when ‘son of man’ frequent turns into surrendered in meditation, greater mind (‘him’) ascends unto ‘Son of God’ — woke up to the Sacred inside simply. ‘Son of God’ is a biblical title introduced unto souls who, on account of internal meditative suggests, have conquered Goliath – ‘son of man’ in simply — thus redemption, salvation or, transcendence of human soul unto transcendental everlasting consciousness.

So the Mild which rids ‘son of man’ darkness — de-pressed consciousness — conveniently establishes bliss-mental-overall health-consciousness, to incorporate issues like all-natural immunity to COVID.



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