“It’s the beginning best of every human at present being to be balanced, happy and holy”.– Yogi Bhajan 1969.

This sentiment is echoed by fairly a couple of of the fantastic sages of all generations which embody the illuminant scripture writers.

With this in head — working with some outstanding scriptures — enable us lose much-necessary religious lightweight on to the useful resource of all well being and health, pleasure and holiness.

Permit us first glimpse at how the pinnacle, general body-physiology is made, and see their roles within the output and servicing of the very best general well being, peace and pleasure, considerably immunity throughout this coronavirus time.

“Within the commencing God produced the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1–1

Just about speaking, esoterically, what does this scripture counsel for each of us right this moment.

Genesis 1-1 shouldn’t be referring to creation of the outer bodily universe, considerably era of an inside universe.

‘Heavens’ on this article is symbolism for the mind and its latent imaginative points, with ‘earth’ as symbolism for the body-physiology.

“within the beginning” normally means improvement via the Primordial power.


Within the era of the bodily physique what distinct dynamic is at have interaction in?

So, after we say “God created”, that is referring to ‘God the Holy Spirit’ created — this implies the Kundalini every day life power developed.

In different phrases, Kundalini staying the primordial everlasting energy, is the common existence pressure which by yourself produces.

For that purpose, from the egg-sperm seed-embryo viewpoint, Kundalini life drive units about improvement of the complete head-human physique building.

Genesis is indicating, God the Holy Spirit — Kundalini — the divine female energy acknowledged as Shakti — generates the mind and human physique from her divine elements which by now exist inside this joyous embryo.

Genesis is laying emphasis on the event of the human soul — and its potential for revolutionary copy to encompass bodily and psychological well being – and is NOT referring to creation of the outer bodily universe on this occasion.

On completion — when the very important organs have all been designed — Kundalini goes asleep on the basis of the backbone for later reawakening by vibrational immediate. When this equivalent kundalini power re-emerges, returns to type but yet one more general physique — the ethereal human physique — for the explanation of forming and establishing eternal cosmic consciousness and aware union with the Divine Eternal.

This ‘new’ spiritual human physique is formed when Kundalini rises to the thoughts, precisely the place it turns into One specific with the LORD – referred to by quite a few as Shiva, or numerous titles – consequently the paranormal biblical marriage.

Scripture refers to this mind locale:

“And on the seventh working day God rested” Genesis: 2–2

Which suggests, God the Father consciousness is acknowledged by awakening the seventh chakra within the thoughts.

Blessed Trinity

The Blessed Trinity is:’God the Father’ — resting on the seventh chakra within the thoughts tabernacle, with Kundalini as ‘God the Holy Spirit’ – residing initially on the basis of the spine — and the human soul when Self-understood is ‘God the Son’, on resurrection of consciousness through the use of Kundalini awakening within the head.

Jesus refers to this resurrection methodology:

‘Nobody will come to the Father apart from by Me’ John: 14–6

This implies, that, in get to get to ‘God the Father’ — thus turning into God the Son — we ought to every go by ‘God the Holy Spirit’ – Kundalini and religious awakening — there remaining no extravagant short-cuts or favoritism.

Neutralizing Previous Conditioning

Due to non-integrated conditioning — karmic patterns from former life — full Kundalini impression in our present existence stays dormant proper up till acutely conscious integration of this decrease mom nature conditioning is underway by signifies which will likely be outlined beneath afterwards.

To assist cope with this karmic carryover — of religious ignorance — scripture reminds us of investing 40 a number of years within the wilderness or desert.

Proper right here 40 a number of years shouldn’t be referring to 40 calendar a few years – 40 is symbolism for Unity {of head, complete physique spirit]. In different phrases, we each seem to this earth airplane for the explanation of residing consciously because of this beforehand incurred ignorance conditioning and decide to its integration.

We stay ‘struggling’ till ultimately we’re all set for inside awakening, all set for dwelling via the religious coronary coronary heart chakra – the New Jerusalem.

Therefore it’s actually the Kundalini bliss – biblical Rapture — which neutralizes unconscious thought patterns, the antagonistic mind-sets avoiding instant consciousness of our appropriate divine mom nature – to include immune approach invincibility.

Creation’s Protocols

As we awaken, deeper religious recognition begins to come up. This form of as — the precise bodily physique is in reality the cease answer of the human nervous course of, and the nervous program the cease merchandise of the mind, which head is the conclude product of the unique Creator, as in Genesis 1-1: “At first God established the heavens and the earth” – mind, physique, soul.

Because of this, in purchase to neutralize and purify the damaging karmic patterns, its required that we convey the nervous methodology and 5 senses again once more to the One which designed THE Thoughts, which is God the Holy Spirit, the Primordial Kundalini energy.

To this conclude, at some problem on our religious wilderness sojourn, events information to profound insights, prompts on the necessity to have of making very important existence-changing conclusion, some of these as, drawn to studying religious literature, esoteric scriptures, or listening to soul motivational written content material, or seeking to study a psychological self-control apply resembling yoga or meditation. A majority of these is how we return to Provide for religious servicing, and karmic integration.

Typical meditation results in reawakening our dormant Kundalini, which, on reaching the crown chakra within the mind, transmutes the ignorance-based wilderness ideas into attending to be our Again backyard of Paradise.

Scriptures Regarding Kundalini Re-Awakening

“The place I am going you might be unable to go however I am going to arrange a place for you” — John: 13-33, 14–3

Indicating “the place I am going (the place pure consciousness resides) you (decreased-ego karmic designs) can not go”.

“I’ll happen once more and select you to myself” John:14-3

which means, reawakening of the dormant Kundalini consequently foremost to Self-realization in Unity consciousness..

‘You’ll search however you’ll not uncover me’ — John 13–33

God remaining Pure Consciousness, this situation are usually not capable of be [seen] recognized by means of an impure coronary heart, conditioned senses and polluted nervous course of.

In different phrases, Pure Consciousness reveals Alone, by means of Itself, unto By itself — the Transcendent situation.

Therefore, transcendental bliss can’t be educated by our born-into lower mom nature – because of this, transcendence and purification by means of every day meditation.

Kundalini by itself goes to ‘put together a spot’, transforms animalistic lessen-moi designs, producing us suitable unto Pure consciousness.

To this conclude — of awakening unto the Transcendent – scripture reminds us:of the best way..

“and God [the holy Spirit] reported unto Moses [moral man/woman]: “Increase up Thy Rod”. Exodus: 14-16 KJV

How does one specific ‘Carry up Thy Rod’?

Replicate on Genesis 7-17, on the flood that lifted Noah’s Ark. This Ark is symbolism for the thoughts, the human mind which God flooded [with Kundalini bliss] and the way this Ark-thoughts later arrived to relaxation atop of a mountain, symbolism for finest place of consciousness or consciousness. The dove which Noah afterward despatched out is symbolism for the peace and like educated submit inside awakening.

The ‘Rod’ symbolizes the spinal column — the college route of Noah’s Kundalini Flood — which properties 5 chakras beneath the mind and two chakras in mid-mind. 7 electrical power-emitting facilities developed by divine buy as signifies of the soul’s Residence returning unto God the Father — soul liberation unto Pure consciousness.

For Rod activation, enter involving the eyebrows and begin faint Inside listening to of Omm or AUM. This exercise units up a vibration which triggers the kundalini, which then strikes up the spinal column — the Rod is ‘lifting up’. This lifting awakens the opposite chakras alongside the spine, considerably the Thymus gland accountable for manufacturing of mature antibodies or T-cells for coronavirus immunity, culminating in awakening the pineal – the Third eye — and pituitary gland within the mind accountable for launch of crucial Progress Hormone for sustaining youth consciousness at any age.

“In My Father’s Kingdom Are Numerous Mansions – John 14-1

This scripture is drawing consideration to the seven chakras particularly and their individual goal in era.

As nearly each chakra awakens, additional phases of religious depth are revealed and accessed unto our consciousness: profound intelligence, intuitive recognition and perceptive comprehending, not earlier recognised through the lower animalistic mind, are arrive on.

These ‘Revelations’ being cosmic nuggets of intelligence, re-calibrate the lower mind and mind-system organism into straight recognizing higher states of consciousness.

Finally, as day-to-day meditation develops invincibility of the immune approach in opposition to international antigens, it is essential thus that we every purchase heart-cantered consciousness — fifth chakra — therefore triggering the innate potential of making invincible immunity, general wellness and psychological perfectly-remaining for all.

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